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September 7, 2007

Inner Product

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I’ve been writing the “Inner Product” column for Game Developer Magazine since October 2005, and I wrote the “Pushing Buttons” article for them a few months before that.

Inner Product is the “Programming” part of Game Developer Magazine. Back when the magazine started, most of the content was very technical, and aimed mostly at programmers. The magazine has evolved to appeal to the wider game development community, and “Inner Product” is the last place that regularly gets highly technical programmer-oriented content.

In you are looking for the code for a recent article, it can be found here.

The following is a list of all my Inner Product articles in chronological order. They will appear on this site 90 days after they appear in print, which is about about four to five months after I write them. These version are from my original draft, and hence differ slightly from the print version, which has been edited for style, grammar, etc.

May 2005 Pushing Buttons

Oct 2005 Debug and Release
Nov 2005 Programming Poker AI
Dec 2005 Practical Hash IDs
Jan 2006 Mature Optimization
Feb 2006 Multi-core Processors for Games
Mar 2006 Evolve Your Heirachy
Apr 2006 Multithreading Particle Sytems
May 2006 Parallax Mapped Bullet Holes
Jun 2006 Blob Physics
Aug 2006 Shattering Reality
Sep 2006 Trends in Game Programming
Oct 2006 Visualizing Floats
Nov 2006 Stylus Control
Dec 2006 Optimizing Asset Processing
Jan 2007 Managed code in games (Also available on the Game Developer Sample Issue)
Feb 2007 Procedural Spooling
Mar 2007 Practical Fluid Mechanics, Part I
Apr 2007 Practical Fluid Mechanics, Part II (now include in Part I, above)
May 2007 Walking in circles
June 2007 Random Scattering
Aug 2007 Domain Specific languages (Whimsy)
Sep 2007 Programming responsiveness
Oct 2007 Debugging Heisenbugs
Nov 2007 Embedded Scripting
Dec 2007 Reflection
Jan 2008 Relational Databases
Feb 2008 Collaborative Editing
Mar 2008 Exponential Optimizing
Apr 2008 Intelligent Mistakes

Previous authors of the Inner Product column also have some of their writing online.:

2004-2005 Sean Barrett

2001-2004 Johnathon Blow – Johnathon has all his Inner Product articles here.

1998-2001 Jeff Lander – Jeff’s “Graphics Content” column was the precursor to “Inner Product”, but focussed more exclusively on graphical effects.

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