My Scrabble word checker “CheckWord” for the iPhone has got a surprisingly large number of reviews and comments for such a simple application. I think this is probably because it was a launch app, the the early adopters are just going through every single app they can get their hands on. Also early-adopters tend to be a bit nerdy, and hence more likely to play Scrabble.

Currently there are three video reviews, one of which is in Spanish, which almost makes me want to do a Spanish version of CheckWord.

And the Spanish one:

The third video review is on

There are also lots of web posts, most of which seem to be cut and paste from each other – probably mostly automatically in some kind of click mining operations.   I’ve tried to get the original sources below:

I make the top ten free utilities for the iPhone on this list, coming it at #8,2845,2325378,00.asp

Find out if a word is acceptable in games like Scrabble. CheckWord makes it fast and easy to find out if the word somebody is trying to use is real or if they made it all up. Don’t be cheated when playing Scrabble put CheckWord on your iPhone today.

CheckWord is a simple application that allows you to check whether or not words are good or bad in games like Scrabble. I love the developer’s description, “Quicker than using a dictionary, easier than using a computer.” See, now that is why we love our iPhones! […]This application is great for those of you who like to play Scrabble the correct way

CheckWord is a Scrabble player’s dream app

A new favorite app. CHECKWORD is GOOD

CheckWord (free): Very simple, very cool little app that simply tells you whether a word is good or bad in Scrabble. It uses the TWL (Tournament Word List) as opposed to the consumer dictionary, so “FUCK is GOOD”, which is just as it should be.

Overall, CheckWord is a valuable resource while playing games like Scrabble, whether you’re on your iPhone/iPod Touch, or you’re playing actual board games.

I also got some nice reviews on the App store, although several people there seemed to miss that point that this was a Scrabble word checker, and not a dictionary.