Normally when  get an novel error message I just look it up on the internet, and get some clue as to the solution.  But this was a first, no clue at all.  Even the “AURemoteIOServer” hardly showed up at all.  So I though I’d share my solution, to help the three other people who have similar problems.

Here’s the deal.  Programming on the iPhone using the simulator on a Mac Mini.  I buy a meaty Mac Pro, which compiles incredibly fast, migrate everything over, but when I run code with OpenAL in it, it crashes with the above error and an unclear call stack.

Solution:  Went into System Preferences -> Sound -> Output, and saw the device was set to iPhoneSimulatorAudioDevice, I changed this to “Internal Speakers”, rebooted, and all was well.

(actually, changed it to Digital Out first, but that was no crash, yet silent, so then changed to Internal Speakers after reboot).

What caused this?  Who knows? I suspect it was something to do with XCode not being migrated, possibly because my OSX was 10.5.7 on the Mini and 10.5.6 on the Pro.  Anyway, it was an obscure bug, and the lesson learned was that you have to dig around related things somtimes, especially in a loose system like the emulator – which is not really emulating, just being a narrow window on the Mac’s hardware, hence is calling the Mac’s sound code.