I got a Blue Screen of Death a few minutes ago, and I’d had another one yesterday. The BSOD is possibly the most annoying thing that can posibly happen, short of total drive failure. Anyway, this time I wrote down the error:


With a little digging it seemed this was related to the fact that two days ago I accidentally put my computer to sleep, instead of powering down. This is a known issue, detailed here:


Since the fix is apparently a bit tenuous, you have to contact Microsoft to get the hotfix. At first I attempted to do this via their on-line chat, but swiftly gave that up as it managed to crash IE7, and kept telling me it was about to charge me $54.

So I eventually discovered you can just submit an online request for a hotfix, here:


So I did, and now I’m waiting. We shall see….

[UPDATE] About three hours later I got an email with a download link and a password. The password is only good for seven days. I installed it, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. No crashes so far.