Sometimes you want to set a bookmark on the home page that has arbitrary text (like some search parameters) in the URL, but navigating to that URL forwards you to another URL that strips off the parameters. On the iPhone and iPad you can edit bookmarks after you create them, but if you make you bookmark by “Add to Home Screen”, then there’s no way of editing in the parameters.

Here’s an easy way to fix this:

1) Go to the site, and zoom the screen so you’ll end up with a nice icon

2) Exit Safari, go to Settings->General->Network->WiFi, then tap the blue arrow next to your WiFi network name

3) Under HTTP Proxy, set it to manual, and change the server to a random .com, like

4) Back in safari, enter the custom URL.  You’ll get an error, but the URL will be unchanged.

5) Tap the “+” then “Add to Home Screen”

6) back into the settings, and undo the proxy changes.